2021 Greenville Real Estate Market Investing Forecast

Greenville has undergone a dramatic revitalization over the years. Until about two decades ago, the former textile town had deteriorated to the point where vacant storefronts were commonplace along the downtown area, while overgrown weeds and an overpass hid what has become its feature attraction.

However, today, downtown Greenville is a vibrant area with small businesses filling up its storefronts. Meanwhile, Falls Park on the Reedy has become the centerpiece of the town.

Driving the city's rebirth has been an influx of major manufacturers to the region, drawn by its business-friendly climate, low-cost workforce, and central location between booming Sun Belt cities Charlotte and Atlanta. Those jobs are drawing people to migrate to the Greenville area in droves. That population growth has enhanced the region's appeal to real estate investors.

With that backdrop, here's a closer look at the local Greenville, South Carolina, real estate market.

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